Canadian and International ordering information

OK, so you've found the perfect invitation, now what? Though both Carlson Craft and Birchcraft Studios will ship internationally, there are a few points to consider. It is usually much cheaper if you have them shipped to a friend or relative in the United States and then pick them up there or have them mailed to you as a "wedding gift" via the post office. Keep in mind that the post office can still charge you the sales tax or VAT on the declared amount of the parcels value.

If you have any questions that have not been answered below, please feel free to contact us!

  • Carlson Craft will quote you the shipping price near the end of the checkout process. It is before you enter your payment information.

  • Birchcraft Studios will finish the checkout process with a "to be determined" under the shipping options. You must place the order and then when we receive it we send it on to Birchcraft to get a shipping quote. THE ORDER WILL NOT BE PRINTED until you have approved the shipping options/pricing that WE WILL PROVIDE TO YOU.

  • Birchcraft provides a free proof of your order for all non US orders. You will get a mock up of the entire order AFTER the shipping options have been agreed upon and BEFORE the order is printed. You will be emailed the proof to approve before it prints.


  • The order can be shipped via courier ground or air service. Postal service from the print house is not available.

  • Ground service is the cheapest method but the Courier company will charge you a "brokerage fee" to clear the shipment through customs. (Based on the retail cost of the order. It usually ranges between $30 - $50) They will likely contact you and ask if you would like them to clear the parcel through customs. They may request payment for the brokerage fee at this time. They will also collect the provincial and federal tax on behalf of the Canadian government. This can be charged to you at the time of delivery.

  • The express or expedited shipping options includes the brokerage fee but not the taxes.


  • The order will be shipped via courier air service. It's expensive. Postal service from the print house is not available.

  • Courier costs will generally be between US$100 and US$240 depending on the quantities you've ordered. That being said, we still ship quite a few orders to Ireland and the UK because apparently the overall cost is still cheaper than what is available locally.

  • The air service includes the "brokerage fee" to clear the shipment through customs. It does not include any sales tax / VAT and the courier company collect this on behalf of the government of the country where the invitations are being delivered.. This can be charged to you at the time of delivery.